1 Day Long Beach / USS Iowa tour

Tour Code: LAX/LB1

Departure: Daily (Minimum 4 pax)


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1. Long Beach / USS Iowa tour
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Effective May 28th, Lassen Tours is providing a new awe-inspiring experience for you, your family, and loved ones to enjoy – Long Beach’s Aquarium of the Pacific and the USS Iowa Museum.

Allow us to give you a taste of what’s in store!:

After departing from your hotel, we’ll take a 30 minute ride to the USS Iowa Museum, where you can bask in the historical glory of the legendary battleship, USS Iowa. From veterans with an admiration for the art of war and the beautiful complexity of armament, to children who simply think battleships are “awesome”, everyone will enjoy! The 2 hour tour takes you through the history of the USS Iowa’s repeated victories during WWII and the Korean War, and much, much more! Expect your knowledge of American history and military affairs to increase twofold!

Getting hungry? No problem! As a food lover traveling through the heart of Los Angeles, your tongue will sweat at the chance to try authentic Mexican-style seafood cooking up at Fish Market!

At over 20,000 square meters, with over 11,000 types of animals and 500 different species of aquatic life, Long Beach city’s breathtaking Aquarium of the Pacific is nestled perfectly in the arms of Long Beach’s beautiful, well-renowned port, Rainbow Harbor. Visitors will witness over 150 types of sharks folly about in the Shark’s Lagoon, as the world’s cutest penguins wade playfully in the water at June Keyes Penguin Habitat. The views of color emblazoned jellyfish at the Northern Pacific Gallery will take you back to the wonders of your childhood, and you occasionally see the Aquarium’s divers send onlookers warm welcomes from within the water’s embrace. And don’t forget Lorikeet Forest! Take a stroll through the walk-through with your family, children, or significant others to experience feeding the Rainbow Lorikeets. Finally, for those with a love for the views of the pleasurable California shores, a walk along Rainbow Harbor will be a must! From the harbor you can see the legendary Queen Mary Ocean Liner Hotel with a magnificent watchtower in the distance. These views coupled with the bustling, colorful street scene of the harbor will give you a true sense of traveler’s delight.

Afterwards the sun will set as you entertain the joyful thoughts of the day’s journey - but worry not! If you’re wondering where your next great memories will begin, start your search at Lassentours.com, where the next adventure is always awaiting!

Guests attending the USS IOWA: refrain from wearing high heels, platform shoes, and bringing strollers. Also refrain from running on the ship to avoid injury.

Handicapped Passengers: We regret to inform you that due to the military design of the ship, it is not suitable or safe for the transportation of handicapped passengers. We thank you for your understanding.

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Bus Pickup Schedule and Locations
Location Map & Driving Directions Time
International Buffet Montebello 8:00am
Holiday Inn La Mirada La Mirada 8:30am
Knotts Berry Farm Hotel Buena Park 9:00am

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4843 (2-12)Daily Departure (min. 4 pax)

Tour Fare Excludes:
* Meal
* Iowa & Cruise combo: $30 Adults child $18 (3-11) Senior $28 (62+)
* Iowa & Aquarium combo: $50 Adults child $30 (3-11) Senior $45 (62+)
* Children under 2 years old will be charged $25 per day for mandatory General Liability Insurance. It is also to guarantee a seat for the child. If the parents prefer to hold the child, it is considered as forfeiting the seat, but the $25 Per day General Liability Insurance will still be charged.

Cancellations and Policies, please refer to: Terms of Service

1 Day Long Beach / USS Iowa tour