4 Days Central & Southern Taiwan Tour

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Departure: Wednesday (AM 08:00~09:00)


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1: Pick-up from hotel - Enbus for Nantou - Puli (a cultural & artistic heaven) - Sun Moon Lake - Lake Bus Tour (Wenwu Temple - Itathao Village - Ci-en Pagoda - Xuanzang Temple)

Puli :
The people of Nantou county in central Taiwan are proud of the natural beauty of Puli, a small town at the geographical heart of the island. The town is famous for its “four Ws”: weather, water, women, and wine.

Sun Moon Lake :
The poetically lake is the most famous lake attraction in Taiwan. With over 100 square kilometers, the lake got its name because the northern part of it has the shape of the sun and the southern part of it has the shape of crescent moon (those two parts are separated by Lalu Island). “Autumn Moon Scene of the Sun Moon Lake” is considered as the most attractive 12 sights in Taiwan.

Hotel: Sun Moon Lake Hotel, Sun Moon Lake (Mountain view room) (4-star) or similar

2: Sun Moon Lake - Lukang historical & cultural town - Entrain or Enbus for Kaohsiung (B)

Lukang :
The Village of Lukang, located about 180 kilometers south of Taipei, is known as a center of arts and handicrafts, particularly wooden and bamboo items. It is the nearest port to the coast of Mainland China. In earlier years, the city was the site of magnificent homes and temples of uniquely Taiwanese architecture. Some of these structures still exist today. The Lung Shan Temple is the prime example.

Hotel: Chateau de Chine Hotel, Kaohsiung (4-star) or similar

3: Pick-up from hotel - Enbus for Eluanbi Park (Light house) - Maobitou - Kenting Park - Kaohsiung (B)

Kenting National Park :
Kenting National Park, which was established on Jan. 01, 1948, is Taiwan’s first National Park. The park is superbly located. Spanning the Hengchun Peninsula, it faces the Pacific Ocean to the east, the Bashi Channel to the south, and the Taiwan Straits to the west. Some of Taiwan’s largest coral reefs lie off the coast and the forests along the park’s western edge are the last of Taiwan’s coastal tropical forests. The name Hengchun Peninsula says much about the area’s attractions, for it means “Eternal Spring.” The fantastic climate, lush forests, beaches, and reef environments make Kenting a rival to internationally famous tropical resorts like Bali and Phuket.

Hotel: Chateau de Chine Hotel, Kaohsiung (4-star) or similar

4: Kaohsiung City tour (Chengqing Lake - Spring & Autumn Pagodas - Former British Consulate) - Enbus or train for Taipei (B)

Chengqing Lake :
The Chengqing Lake has a lot of tourist attractions and is the largest lake in Kaohsiung County. A major attraction at the lake is the stately Restoration Pagoda. The lake also has islands and bridges, towers and pavilions, boating and aquariums, tree-lined paths, a nine-corner bridge.

Spring and Autumn Pavilions :
The seven-tiered Dragon and Tiger pagodas stand in the water of Lotus Lake at Tzuoying near the graceful Spring and Autumn pavilions. A nine-cornered bridge links the pagodas to the shore.

Former British Consulate :
The consulate was built in 1865 with more than a hundred years of history. It is now the most antique western building preserved in Taiwan. It was the western building designed by a British engineer and built by Chinese craftsmen, and it is the most meaningful ancient building of Chinese modern history with graceful and elegant proportion.

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4-Day & 3-Night Tour
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Pick-up : AM 08:00-09:00
At : hotel lobby

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4 Days Central & Southern Taiwan Tour